Everything I Know about Marketing I learned from Google

Everything I Know about Marketing
I Learned from Google

Want Market-Share? Google It!

Aaron Goldman

In Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned from Google, digital marketing guru Aaron Goldman shares twenty Googley lessons from the world’s most ubiquitous brand to help you better engage your customers and prospects.

You’ll learn how to do everything from initiating digital “conversations” with customers to testing and quantifying your efforts. In addition to his expert insight, Goldman delivers case studies based on interviews with some of the world’s most innovative brands who have integrated lessons from Google into their own marketing strategy. You’ll see how:

  • Apple is Googling its customers to remain relevant to their passion points
  • GE is Googling its marketing plans by selling altruism
  • Threadless is Googling its products by tapping the wisdom of crowds
  • Barack Obama Googled his way to the top of the political ladder

And now you, too, can Google your business to build meaningful connections with more customers than ever!

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