Everything I Know about Marketing I learned from Google


Executive Summary:

Anyone who tells you they know what the future holds for marketing is either lying to you or trying to sell you a book. Since you’re reading this on my website and may not have bought the book yet, I suppose I’m guilty of the latter.

That said, I’m pretty confident that, by following the 20 Googley Lessons outlined in this book, you’ll be well -prepared for any possible outcome.

To future-proof your marketing, respect relevancy, covet crowds, stay simple, match mindsets, anchor audiences, infrequently interrupt, covet content, try testing, tackle tracking, deify data, behold brands, utilize USPs, comprehend competition, question queries, stay sexy, associate altruism, activate assets, snatch shelf -space, spin stories, and scale SEM.

Final Thought:

In the end, Google may not be the big winner, but, by learning from the Big G’s successes and setbacks, you just might be.

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