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Thoughts On Google’s Net Neutrality Position

August 19, 2010 by Aaron Goldman

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Last week Google and Verizon announced a “Joint Policy Proposal for an Open Internet.”

This triggered an outcry from a wide range of constituents including policy-makers, consumer advocacy groups, and even the Daily Show.

Here’s my quick POV…

The lesson of chapter 16 is “Altruism Sells.” To date, Google has avoided severe backlash when it comes to public policy because of its “Don’t Be Evil” halo.

I’m not sure Google can hide behind that credo much longer though. I’m no expert on net neutrality but what’s clear to me is the proposal Google laid out with Verizon protects its own interests first.

It’s no coincidence that Google is getting into bed with one of the largest carriers and advocating different rules for wireless now that it owns one of the biggest mobile operating systems in Android.

For deeper analysis, check out  fellow MediaPost Search Insider Rob Garner’s recent column, “Google’s Shocking Change Of Heart On Net Neutrality.”

Meanwhile, I’ll scontinue brushing up on the details of this proposal and trying to separate facts from myths.

My hunch is that, as I dig in to Google’s efforts to create a Swiss Internet, I’ll find more gaping holes than that country’s well-known cheese.

Swiss Cheese

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