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Aaron Goldman’s Googley Lessons Blog Tour

August 4, 2010 by Aaron Goldman

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30 Stops. 10 Days. 1 Googley Blog Tour.

In Chapter 5: Be Where Your Audience Is, I preach about creating and distributing content in the places where your best prospects and customers spend time…

“Don’t ask people to stop what they’re doing or leave where they are to come visit you. Break down your brand into assets they can use wherever they are. Find out where the conversations about your brand or offering are happening and plant seeds there.”

It’s with that mantra in mind that my publishers hatched the idea of a blog tour to promote my book. Rather than asking people to come to GoogleyLessons.com, let’s take the Googley Lessons to the people!

Below is the rundown of all scheduled tour stops.

Update: I’m also doing some “real-life” appearances to promote the book, discuss its theme, and share best practices. That schedule is posted at GoogleyLessons.com/Speaking.

Monday, August 30
David Dalka: Online Marketing Management and Business Strategy (Video) – LIVE!
The Social Times (Guest post) – LIVE!
Critical Mass: Experience Matters (Video) – LIVE!

Tuesday, August 31
Temkin Group: Customer Experience Matters (Video) – LIVE!
Jack Myers: MediaBizBloggers (Excerpt) – LIVE!
Andy Santamaria: Chronically Curious (Video) – LIVE!

Wednesday, September 1
PR Newswer (Podcast) – LIVE!
Resolution Media: Find Resolution (Video) – LIVE!

Thursday, September 2
TopRank Online Marketing Blog (Video) – LIVE!
The Search Agency: The Search Agents (Video) – LIVE!
Mobile Marketer (Sound-bytes) – LIVE!

Friday, September 3
Shawn Collins: Affiliate Tip (Q&A) – LIVE!
iMediaConnection (Guest post) – LIVE!
Joe Kutchera: Latino Link (Video) – LIVE!

Tuesday, September 7
Samir Balwani: Connecting Brands with Consumers Online (Guest post) – LIVE!
AdExchanger.com (Q&A) – LIVE!
Fuor Digital (Video) – LIVE!

Wednesday, September 8
Rick Liebling: How Soon is Now? (Guest post) – LIVE!
David Berkowitz: Inside the Marketer’s Studio (Q&A) – LIVE!
Razorfish Search Shots (Video) – LIVE!
Yianni Garcia: Social Media Guy (Guest post) – LIVE!
GroupM Search: Search Fuel (TBD)

Thursday, September 9
DigiDay Daily (Q&A) – LIVE!
Dave Fleet: Conversations at the Intersection of Communications, PR, and Social (Q&A) – LIVE!
SmartBrief SmartBlog on Social Media (Guest post) – LIVE!
Drew McLellan: The Marketing Minute (Video) – LIVE!
BBH Labs (Video) – LIVE!

Friday, September 10
Adam Sherk: News Media SEO – PR – Social Media Marketing (Guest post) – LIVE!
Rohit Bhargava: Influential Marketing (Q&A)
SEOmoz (Video) – LIVE!
Denuo Group: Denuology (Video) – LIVE!

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