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Sealed with a Kiss

August 18, 2010 by Aaron Goldman

As part of my contract with McGraw-Hill, I was given 15 author’s copies of the book a week before it hit stores.

As you can imagine, I was very excited when they arrived — not because I wanted to read it (believe me, 5 times is enough even if none were the final final version). Rather, I was excited to share my masterpiece with my closest friends, family, and colleagues.

Of course, the problem is I have more than 15 close friends, family, and colleagues. So, how did I choose? Well, I’d like to say there was some science to it but I really just went with whoever was in front of my face.

My wife, Lisa (for whom the book is dedicated, along with my daughter, Eliara) got the first copy. (And, truth is, she would’ve gotten the first copy even if she wasn’t home when they arrived.)

Next on my list was my mom and dad who came over the next day. (Don’t worry, Mom and Dad Neiman… you’re on the short list as soon as I get another batch!)

Then I gave signed copies to each of my 3 office mates.

Next up were Rishad Tobaccowala and Brian Morrissey, who were both kind enough to endorse the book.

Then I took care of Matt Spiegel and Dave Gould — 2 of my close pals and business mentors. (Lance, sorry bud, not being in Chicago short-changed you here. Hang tight ’til I get my hands on more! Ditto Kappy! And Iceman. As for my man, Tony, although I can’t play the non-local card, Arlington Heights is practically another state! C$ and Benny, no excuse fellas.)

I signed one  ”Dear Connectual office visitor” and left it on the coffee table.

I kept one copy for myself and have it proudly displayed on my desk.

I sent one to someone I have a lot of respect for but will have to remain unnamed for now as I’m currently talking with him about a business venture and not ready to announce anything.

I gave one to Joe Kutchera who stopped by my office today and has been a big supporter to date. (By the way, Joe’s book, Latino Link, comes out next month.)

I’ve got one signed and ready to give my buddy Vlad Radutny from Studio IDE (excellent architectural and design resource if you need one) this Saturday at his birthday dinner. (He texted me to say all he wanted me to bring was a signed copy. Seriously? No Vodka?!?)

And the final copy is going out to Janel Laravie of Chacka Marketing. I’ve known Janel quite a while and she was one of the many industry luminaries (each of whom will be receiving a signed copy, mind you, as soon as I get my next batch) kind enough to share their wisdom in the form of interviews while I was working on my manuscript.

Even though Janel had a signed copy coming her way anyway, as it turned out, she was the winner of my first random drawing for a free signed copy as part of the commitment I made to my @GoogleyLessons Twitter followers. For every 100 followers I get, I’ll be picking one at random from the entire list to receive a signed copy. So, if you haven’t already, start following. The sooner you follow, the more potential drawings you’ll be included in!

Besides deciding who the author’s copies should go to, the hardest part has been figuring out what to write in the inscriptions. And here I thought writing the book was hard. Sheesh!

Thankfully, Janel made it easy for me, specifying that she wanted hers sealed with a kiss. Note: both Janel and I are happily married (to other people) so there’s nothing to read into this. Just having a laugh.

Janel’s other request was to take pics of the signing and sealing in action. And these were just too good not to share…

  • Aaron Goldman

    Thx Em! You’re on the short list for a signed copy too!

  • Emily

    Can't wait to read it! ~Emily

  • http://aarongoldman.net Aaron Goldman

    Thx Em! You're on the short list for a signed copy too!

  • Janel

    This is my favorite blog post you have ever written!

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