Everything I Know about Marketing I learned from Google

Chapter 4 Excerpt in Media Biz Bloggers

August 31, 2010 by Aaron Goldman

As part of the Googley Lessons Blog Tour, we ran an excerpt from Chapter 4: Mindset Matters in Jack Myers’ Media Biz Bloggers. Hope you’re in the mindset to enjoy it!


Made the List (and checked it twice)

by Aaron Goldman

Happy (and appreciative) to have made reading lists in these 2 publications:

Globe and Mail – The future is here: how your organization can get a grip on it

MediaPost – Online Marketing Summer Reading With A Glass Of Wine


Facebook gets Googley with Places

August 25, 2010 by Aaron Goldman

The Quick and the Dead

Through some investigative reporting, Laurie Sullivan of MediaPost, uncovered a few flaws in the new Facebook Places feature — namely, the ability to check-in from as far as 800 meters away from a location as well as check other people in with you.

When Laurie asked me for my perspective,  I said I applauded Facebook for launching Places before it had all the kinks worked out. In my column, “Everything I Need to Know About Product Development I Learned From Google,” I share the Googley Lesson, “It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect.”

Indeed, Facebook had to launch a location-based check-in feature asap to combat the growth of Foursquare. With Twitter, Facebook waited too long to change its status update call-to-action, “What are you doing?” to “What’s on your mind.” In the process, Twitter reached significant and sustainable scale.

Facebook won’t make that mistake again and, to be sure, the flaws with Places are relatively minor and (will be) easily corrected.

Here’s Laurie’s full report with my POV baked in: “ What Will Vicarious Facebook Check-Ins Get Advertisers?

Image Source: Cyber-Cinema.com


Thoughts On Google’s Net Neutrality Position

August 19, 2010 by Aaron Goldman

Swiss Flag

Last week Google and Verizon announced a “Joint Policy Proposal for an Open Internet.”

This triggered an outcry from a wide range of constituents including policy-makers, consumer advocacy groups, and even the Daily Show.

Here’s my quick POV…

The lesson of chapter 16 is “Altruism Sells.” To date, Google has avoided severe backlash when it comes to public policy because of its “Don’t Be Evil” halo.

I’m not sure Google can hide behind that credo much longer though. I’m no expert on net neutrality but what’s clear to me is the proposal Google laid out with Verizon protects its own interests first.

It’s no coincidence that Google is getting into bed with one of the largest carriers and advocating different rules for wireless now that it owns one of the biggest mobile operating systems in Android.

For deeper analysis, check out  fellow MediaPost Search Insider Rob Garner’s recent column, “Google’s Shocking Change Of Heart On Net Neutrality.”

Meanwhile, I’ll scontinue brushing up on the details of this proposal and trying to separate facts from myths.

My hunch is that, as I dig in to Google’s efforts to create a Swiss Internet, I’ll find more gaping holes than that country’s well-known cheese.

Swiss Cheese

Image Sources – EPL TALKMuslimMatters.org


Sealed with a Kiss

August 18, 2010 by Aaron Goldman

As part of my contract with McGraw-Hill, I was given 15 author’s copies of the book a week before it hit stores.

As you can imagine, I was very excited when they arrived — not because I wanted to read it (believe me, 5 times is enough even if none were the final final version). Rather, I was excited to share my masterpiece with my closest friends, family, and colleagues.

Of course, the problem is I have more than 15 close friends, family, and colleagues. So, how did I choose? Well, I’d like to say there was some science to it but I really just went with whoever was in front of my face.

My wife, Lisa (for whom the book is dedicated, along with my daughter, Eliara) got the first copy. (And, truth is, she would’ve gotten the first copy even if she wasn’t home when they arrived.)

Next on my list was my mom and dad who came over the next day. (Don’t worry, Mom and Dad Neiman… you’re on the short list as soon as I get another batch!)

Then I gave signed copies to each of my 3 office mates.

Next up were Rishad Tobaccowala and Brian Morrissey, who were both kind enough to endorse the book.

Then I took care of Matt Spiegel and Dave Gould — 2 of my close pals and business mentors. (Lance, sorry bud, not being in Chicago short-changed you here. Hang tight ’til I get my hands on more! Ditto Kappy! And Iceman. As for my man, Tony, although I can’t play the non-local card, Arlington Heights is practically another state! C$ and Benny, no excuse fellas.)

I signed one  ”Dear Connectual office visitor” and left it on the coffee table.

I kept one copy for myself and have it proudly displayed on my desk.

I sent one to someone I have a lot of respect for but will have to remain unnamed for now as I’m currently talking with him about a business venture and not ready to announce anything.

I gave one to Joe Kutchera who stopped by my office today and has been a big supporter to date. (By the way, Joe’s book, Latino Link, comes out next month.)

I’ve got one signed and ready to give my buddy Vlad Radutny from Studio IDE (excellent architectural and design resource if you need one) this Saturday at his birthday dinner. (He texted me to say all he wanted me to bring was a signed copy. Seriously? No Vodka?!?)

And the final copy is going out to Janel Laravie of Chacka Marketing. I’ve known Janel quite a while and she was one of the many industry luminaries (each of whom will be receiving a signed copy, mind you, as soon as I get my next batch) kind enough to share their wisdom in the form of interviews while I was working on my manuscript.

Even though Janel had a signed copy coming her way anyway, as it turned out, she was the winner of my first random drawing for a free signed copy as part of the commitment I made to my @GoogleyLessons Twitter followers. For every 100 followers I get, I’ll be picking one at random from the entire list to receive a signed copy. So, if you haven’t already, start following. The sooner you follow, the more potential drawings you’ll be included in!

Besides deciding who the author’s copies should go to, the hardest part has been figuring out what to write in the inscriptions. And here I thought writing the book was hard. Sheesh!

Thankfully, Janel made it easy for me, specifying that she wanted hers sealed with a kiss. Note: both Janel and I are happily married (to other people) so there’s nothing to read into this. Just having a laugh.

Janel’s other request was to take pics of the signing and sealing in action. And these were just too good not to share…


Aaron Goldman Speaking Appearances

August 16, 2010 by Aaron Goldman

In addition to hitting the Web for a Blog Tour, I’ll be appearing at a number of trade shows, conferences, and corporate events in the coming months.

Below is the latest schedule which will be regularly updated. If you’d like me to speak at your event, please Get Connectual.


Tues. Feb. 7: Paneling at Covario’s INFELCTIONPoint 2012 about leveraging paid search and paid social. Pic here.

Wed. Feb. 8: Going back to the well on Facebook best practices at the Online Marketing Summit in San Diego. Slides here.

Wed. Apr. 4: Mediating the Google v. Facebook battle at ad:tech San Francisco. Slides here and solo rap battle here.

Wed. Apr. 4: Paneling on how to monetize search with social at the Power of eMarketing Conference in SF.

Mon. Apr. 23: Hosting the “Search Insider Feud: How Search Changes Your Voice” at Search Insider Summit in Captiva Island, FL. Video here and recap here.

Tues. June 5: Co-presenting with Sachin Gadhvi from TicketsNow, at Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Chicago on “How to turn dynamic inventory, seasonality, and promotions into an SEM advantage.” Slides here and rap here.

Thurs. June 14: Presenting at SIM Partners’ SIMposium in Chicago on “Search and Social: Birds of a Feather or Different Flock?” Slides here and rap here.

Wed. Sept. 19: Virtually presenting at the Online Marketing Institute Digital Marketing Strategy Summit re: “Successful Execution of Search & Social.”

Wed. Sept. 19: Physically speaking at the Yahoo! Search & Bing Advertiser Forum in New York on a panel moderated by Craig Macdonald, of Search Insider Feud fame, about industry trends .

Thurs. Sept. 20: Co-presenting with Viji Davis and Erica Barth at the 2012 Resolution Media Summit in Chicago on “Social Observations and Benchmarks for Your Programs” using data from our Social Media Insights research and Social Media Advertising Global Games report.

Thurs. Sept. 27: Hosting a Kenshoo webinar with my colleague Will Martin-Gill and Kenshoo client reps from Sears and iProspect on “Gearing up for the Holiday Shopping Season”. Video here and slides here.

Mon. Oct. 1: Paneling at MediaPost’s OMMA Display in New York on “The Facebook Challenge: Is Social Media Inventory Any Good for Marketers?” with moderator extraordinaire, David Berkowitz. No, not that one. This one.

Tues. Oct. 23: Co-hosting a webinar for Kenshoo Social with Resolution Media on “Social Media and Facebook Advertising Insights.”

Thurs. Dec. 13: Moderating a panel at the Search Insider Summit in Park City, UT on “New Surface Areas for Search Locally and Worldwide.”


Tues. Apr. 12: Speaking on panel at ad:tech San Francisco about paid search marketing. Slides here.

Tues. Apr. 19: Panelist on paid search session at the Power of eMarketing Conference in San Francisco.

Thurs. May 5 and Fri. May 6: Kicking off the Search Insider Summit in Captiva Island, Florida with the Ultimate SEO PPC Rap Battle and then presenting on Personalization vs. Privacy: the Implications for Advertising on day 2. Slides here. Rap battle here.

Tues. May 24: Keynoting day 2 at Social Media Optimization Conference (SMOC) in San Francisco with a look at another great acronym, SAM (Social Advertising and Marketing) and how it compares to SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Slides, pics, and rapping Q&A here.

Tues. June 7: Presenting on behalf of Kenshoo at the Needham Internet and Digital Media Conference in NYC.

Tues. July 26: Presenting at OMS (Online Marketing Summit) Chicago on “10 Channels To Integrate with SEM to Improve Results.” Slides here. Note: topic changed to “What’s Hot in Digital Marketing.”

Tues. Aug. 16: Presenting at SES San Francisco on “Automating Social Media: Creating & Distributing the Message.” Slides here.

Thurs. Sept. 22: Speaking at a Pivot Guild event in Boulder on the topic of “Why Social Media Matters for Your Business.” Recap and slides here.

Tues. Sept. 27: Participating on a panel titled, “Why Display is Better than Search” at OMMA Global New York. (Yes, I will be the contrarian POV.)

Mon. Nov. 14: Getting social with a presentation titled, Like it or Not: The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Ads” at OMS Social Media Summit in Chicago. Rap hear.

Tues. Nov. 15: Sharing more Facebook best practices (virtually same deck as day before but 45 minutes less time to do it!) at SES Chicago. Slides here.

Fri. Dec. 9: Perfecting the search engine at MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit in Deer Valley, UT. Slides and video here.


Tues. Aug. 24: Moderating social media panel at  Integrated Marketing Summit in Chicago.

Thurs. Sept. 16: Delivering happy hour address and raffling off signed copies at Online Marketing Institute and CIMA events in Chicago. Pic here.

Thurs. Sept. 23: “Official Chicago Launch Party” in partnership with the Chicago Interactive Social Club at Blue Frog 22 in Chicago. Pics here.

Tues. Sept. 28: Moderating panel about the how much credit Google gets/takes at OMMA Global in New York. Recap here.

Thurs. Oct. 21: Delivering one-hour presentation about how to apply lessons form SEM to other channels at SES Chicago. Slides here. Rap here.

Wed. Dec. 1: Leading 150 minute workshop at Catalyst Ranch Match Books event in Chicago. Rap videos here.

Wed. Dec. 8 – Sat. Dec. 11: Official MC of the bi-annual Search Insider Summit in Park City, Utah. Rap videos here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.


Are You Shelf-Aware?

August 12, 2010 by Aaron Goldman

Readers of my book will know I love a good pun so I was super-excited when Julia from McGraw-Hill’s PR dept. told me my book trailer video was featured today in an industry newsletter called “Shelf Awareness.”


FAQ #9: Will You Write Another Book?

by Aaron Goldman


I’d imagine writing a book is much like completing that other item on my bucket list — running a marathon. It’s an incredibly exhausting process but exhilarating at the same time and crossing the finish line not only feels great, it makes you want to do it again… someday.

I will write another book. Someday.

I have what I think is a very strong concept. It will definitely be more of a “consumer-friendly” book rather than a business book so I can relate my ideas to a broader audience (ie, I want to write something that my mom would actually want to read.)

My next book will also be Google related. After all, it’s what I know best. I’ll save the details for a later time though as I want to flesh them out further and make sure no-one steals my ideas before I’m far enough down the line that I can’t be beaten to market.

Note: this post is part of a series. For more, see the full list of FAQs.


The Hub-and-Spoke Model in Action

August 11, 2010 by Aaron Goldman

I shot a quick screencast today to show how McGraw-Hill and I have applied the “hub-and-spoke” model discussed in Chapter 5: Be Where Your Audience Is to our book marketing and PR activities. Essentially, GoogleyLessons.com acts as the hub (and main sales tool) while each social media outlet provides opportunity to engage readers in their environment and (hopefully) “ladder” them up from passive to active supporters.


FAQ #8: What Other Books Are Similar to Yours?

by Aaron Goldman

I have yet to come across any books that outline general marketing lessons learned from Google so I believe my book stands alone for this niche topic.

However, there are a number of books that successfully cover Google, marketing, and related themes. Below is the response I included in my book proposal when McGraw-Hill asked me for the following:

List 3-4 competing books (preferably books which have been bestsellers or have been highly visible/influential in your content area) and positively distinguish your book. How is your book outstanding and unique, from both an editorial and a marketing perspective? If there are no direct competitors, cite the books that come closest.

1. What Would Google Do? by Jeff Jarvis

This book spells out new rules for operating in a Google world. My book will focus solely on marketing lessons rather than general business insights. And my book will be less about Google and more about companies that are applying lessons learned from Google. Also, by interspersing tweets and encouraging ongoing dialogue via Twitter, my book will be less static, more dynamic, and appeal to people that don’t have the attention span to read long-form text.

2. The Search by John Battelle

This book is about the history of Google and importance of search. My book is less about search and more about principles of search that can be applied to all marketing tactics. But I will draw from what John did most successfully which was intertwine interviews with top Google brass and other industry pundits to weave the story together and make it more compelling.

3. Small is the New Big by Seth Godin

While this book is not about Google or search, it is about marketing. And it’s written in a style I’ll emulate in terms of quick, punchy copy and thought-provoking, often contrarian, sound-bytes. Further, the “Small is the New Big” point-of-view speaks to the changing paradigm in marketing that I’ll be highlighting in my book. The main difference is that I’ll demonstrate the new world order by focusing specifically on lessons learned from Google referencing the occasional tweet as opposed to Seth’s lessons culled from a wide (dare I say, wandering) swath of insights and experiences hashed out in blog posts.

Note: I realize what I wrote is a bit brash but please keep in mind that I wrote this to sell McGraw-Hill on making me an offer. I can only hope that my readers will consider my book to be in the same ballpark as those written by Jarvis, Battelle, and Godin.

‘Nother Note: this post is part of a series. For more, see the full list of FAQs.

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